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Baby Teeth: What does this mean?

About Baby Teeth Baby teeth are also known as milk teeth, primary teeth or temporary/deciduous teeth. This is the very first set of teeth that erupts in the oral cavity of infants and sheds progressively a few years later to make way for the permanent dentition. The development of these teeth initiates before the birth…
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Dentistry and Pregnancy

There are a number of factors that must be taken into consideration before treating, or creating a treatment plan for a pregnant patient. Pregnancy may alter the course of treatment as well as the drugs that are generally prescribed to patients for pain and infections. It is critical for a pregnant patient to consult her…
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Nutrition and Dentistry

Your dental health and overall health are connected. If you eat right, exercise, and take care of your teeth and gums you will have a beautiful smile and strong teeth. You may not realize how much nutrition plays in your oral health. At Lake Pointe Dental Dr. Michelle Mendoza feels it is important to educate…
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Children’s Dental Health

Your child’s dental health is important, and it should start early. Your child’s first dental visit should ideally happen by their first birthday. The earlier you start, the healthier their new teeth will be. Cavities can start as early as the age of three so preventative care, even in young children is important. As a…
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