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Restorative Dentistry

dental decay

Progression of Dental Decay

Teeth are susceptible to damage owing to a number of factors, the most common of which is dental caries. Dental caries causes the destruction of the tooth structure, and has the potential to progress into the nerves if adequate measures or treatment is not taken at the right time. With more and more awareness regarding dental caries and campaigns involving fluoride therapies in children, the incidence of this form of tooth destruction has significantly decreased. However, inadequate oral hygiene and certain other factors still make the tooth surfaces prone to bacterial attacks.
Dr. Mendoza and her team at Lake Pointe Dental practice some of the most effective methods of halting and eliminating carious lesions to protect the teeth from further damage. Patients are provided with a number of options in restorative dentistry suiting their requirements. Dr. Mendoza uses state of the art facilities, superior quality materials, and tested techniques to achieve ideal results. Restorative dentistry is ideal for enhancing the smile of the patient and relieving dental pain by correcting tooth decays, spacing, failed dental treatments, improper occlusion as well as other forms of damage.