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Dental Veneers

What are dental veneers?

Dental veneering is one of the most convenient ways of concealing dental imperfections such as shape discrepancies and discoloration. Patients who do not wish to have beautiful, winning smiles without extensive or painful procedures are given options of porcelain veneers, which are similar to tooth shaped shells that can be placed on the natural teeth to hide any imperfections. Veneers are also known as dental laminates and are recommended for patients who are not satisfied with the size, shape, shade or length of their natural teeth.

In what cases can dental veneers be used?

The dentists at Lake Pointe Dental offer the option of veneer treatment to patients who have:

  • Staining: Discoloration or staining of teeth can result from a number of intrinsic and extrinsic factors, the most common of which include root canal treatments, drugs such as tetracycline, smoking or excessive consumption of food or beverages that contain artificial coloring agents.
  • Tooth wear: Tooth wear can result from abrasion (wear of teeth caused by the action of hard substances), erosion (may be seen in patients who suffer from gastric reflux disorders) or other habits such as night time grinding. Tooth wear reduces the natural length and alters the shape of the teeth, making them appear uneven or unsightly.
  • Broken or chipped teeth: Teeth that have been chipped or fractured due to an accident/trauma can be restored aesthetically using dental laminates.
  • Gapped teeth: Patients who have gaps between their teeth (known as diastemas) and do not wish to go for orthodontic treatment can get veneers to conceal the mal-alignment.
  • Congenitally irregular/uneven teeth: Irregularities in the tooth shape and size in seen in certain patients resulting from congenital causes. These too can successfully be concealed with the help of tooth-colored laminates.

What are veneers made of?

The veneers used at Lake Pointe Dental are made using porcelain to match the exact shade of the patients’ teeth. Polished porcelain has a number of applications in dentistry and is a highly resilient material that does not stain easily. Porcelain veneers look and feel completely natural so you can confidently flaunt your flawless smile!

What is the procedure of dental veneering?

Once the initial diagnosis has been made and the case has been assessed as eligible for the procedure, the dentists at Lake Pointe Dental prepare the tooth surface for veneer placement. This involves 0.5 mm trimming of enamel only on the surface where the laminate will be cemented. Local anesthesia is given to patients to make the procedure entirely painless.

After the ideal thickness of the teeth has been achieved, an impression is taken and sent to the laboratory. The veneers are then custom-made according to the impression for the perfect fit in the oral cavity. Prior to permanent cementation, the shade and shape of the newly created veneers is checked. The teeth are then professionally cleaning and etched using a specialized agent to ensure ideal bonding of the laminates to the tooth surface. The veneers are then bonded onto the teeth using strong dental cements.