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Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous Oxide, commonly known as laughing/happy gas is a form of inhalation sedation used in medical and dental practice all over the world. The gas is used to induce analgesia for short duration dental procedures, and is administered through specialized apparatus that contains compressed gases which the patient simply has to breathe in. Nitrous Oxide, similar to oral sedation, is used to anxiety levels in patients to ensure a painless, comfortable procedure.

nitrous oxideDepending upon the nature and duration of the procedure, the team of surgeons and assistants at Lake Pointe Dental mixes the ideal volume of gases to be administered (Nitrous Oxide and pure Oxygen). The patients are then allowed to breathe in the mixture for 3-5 minutes as per the requirements.

Some of the popular facts about the laughing gas include:

  • Ultra rapid acting and has the potential to induce the analgesic effects within a 20-25 seconds
  • Sedation levels can be controlled
  • Preferred for shorter procedures because prolonged use of the gas may have adverse effects
  • The effects of the gas vanish within a matters of minutes after it has been discontinued – rapid recovery
  • Also acts as an anesthetic agent for certain dental procedures
  • Injection and needle use not involved in administration
  • Reduces chances of gag reflex
  • Induces feeling of euphoria, light headedness and warmth
  • Highly efficient in managing dental phobias and anxiety prior to treatments
  • One of the safest sedatives used in dentistry