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Teeth Whitening

22481905_ml (1)Teeth whitening, commonly known as bleaching is the non-invasive method of improving the shade of the teeth for a whiter, brighter smile. There are a number of whitening methods available for patients at Lake Pointe Dental based on their needs and requirements.

Most people believe that the perfect smile can win hearts are therefore primarily concerned about aesthetics. All teeth whitening methods are aimed at giving a whiter, cleaner shade to the enamel of the teeth so that patients can smile with confidence.

Teeth Whitening is indicated for a number of reasons, the most prominent of which include:

  • Generalized staining of the teeth (This can occur as a result of a number of extrinsic factors such as the consumption of foods containing coloring agents including tea/coffee, excess smoking, tobacco use as well as certain medications for example tetracycline)
  • Fluorosis (Fluorosis is a condition whereby the teeth acquire a mottled, stained appearance due to excess exposure to fluoride during the dental development stages)
  • Damage to the enamel causing uneven tone
  • Tooth color changes due to certain dental treatments for example root canal therapies

Based on their requirements and convenience, patients are offered a number of options for teeth whitening including those that can be performed at the clinic by professionals, as well as those that can be managed at home by the patient. The dental surgeons at Lake Pointe Dental use some of the most effective, superior quality materials and products guaranteeing successful, comfortable whitening procedures and dazzling smiles each time.