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Dental Fillings

Dental Fillings are the ideal methods of restoring teeth damaged by dental decay. Filling procedures can effectively remove the decaying portion from pinpoint lesions to larger ones covering the surface of the teeth. There are a number of different materials are used in filling procedures all having their own merits and demerits. The most common filling material that is being used in restorative procedures globally today are dental composites.

11359704_lProperties of dental Composite fillings:

  • Tooth colored – ideal aesthetics
  • Preferred for anterior teeth
  • Good strength and durability
  • Temporary
  • Technique sensitive

Most people prefer composite fillings owing to their aesthetic properties and durability. Our team of dentists ensures that the fillings match the original tooth shape, size and color in a manner that is difficult to differentiate. Common indications for composite fillings include teeth chipped by trauma or accidents, tooth decay caused by caries, gaps between teeth, eroded or abraded teeth and previously failed restorations.

Restorations with dental composite at Lake Pointe Dental are generally performed within a single visit. First, the carious or decayed portion of the tooth is removed (this may require local anesthesia). The tooth is then prepared for filling by thorough cleansing. The dental surgeon then places the required amount of composite on the site and shapes it to match the original contour of the tooth. The filling is then evaluated for ideal function in occlusion and then polished for a flawless, natural finish.

The patients are provided with a set of instructions on how to maintain ideal oral hygiene with the new filling. Some patients may experience a certain degree of sensitivity for a couple of days after the treatment, but it subsides spontaneously and does not require medication.