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Dental Sealants

dental sealantsDental sealants have become an essential part of preventive dentistry. The placement of sealants is an in-office procedure whereby a specialized dental material is applied on the surfaces of the teeth that are most prone to developing caries (cavities by bacterial infection). Dr. Grewal encourages young patients to get fissure sealants so as to eliminate chances of cavities. It is important to remember that these sealants are not permanent, and if properly applied, can last up to a decade.

Some important facts about sealants include:

  • Sealants are generally applied on the grooves and fissures of teeth, on surfaces that are directly involved in chewing food.
  • Application of sealants prevents the accumulation of food particles, debris and bacteria on these surfaces
  • Sealants are generally clear, or white to match the color of the teeth
    They can last up to a decade in ideal conditions
  • Sealants are an essential part of preventive care especially in children who are unable to maintain ideal oral hygiene on their own.
  • Sealants are affordable and highly effective

Even though Dental Sealants are something we offer as a preventive measure, they are not required. At Lake Pointe Dental, Dr. Grewal, wants only the very best for her patients and with this she offers the best dental options with optimal results. Dental Sealants are effective and can help offset early onset of decay especially for individuals that have deep fissures and pits in their teeth, which are difficult to clean. Sealants can help off set any complications with these anatomical discrepancies.