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Dental Extractions

Dental Extractions are the removal of one or more teeth from the upper or lower jaw. It is the goal of a dentist to use all means to save a tooth, but in certain circumstances, it becomes impossible to do so and extractions become necessary.

Some of the common indications for extractions in dentistry include:

  • Periodontal disease leading to excessive tooth mobility
  • Fractures of the teeth, for example those occurring from trauma or accidents
  • Decay or caries that has progressed beyond the gums and has reached the roots
  • Extra teeth present as genetic defects
  • Space required for orthodontic procedures
  • Retained primary teeth
  • Space required for the eruption of permanent teeth
  • Impacted third molars (wisdom teeth)

Dental extractions are generally entirely painless procedures that are completed within a single visit. Patients are given anesthesia (local anesthetic) prior to extractions in order to ensure a painless experience. In certain cases, such as multiple extractions, or extraction of third molars that have not erupted into the arch yet, the procedure may be performed on general anesthesia owing to the invasive nature and prolonged duration of the process. Patients are provided with a set of instructions that must be followed after an extraction to prevent complications such as post operative pain or bleeding.

If extractions are performed because of teeth damaged by trauma or caries, patients at Lake Pointe Dental are provided with a number of options including removable prosthesis or fixed bridges, to replace the missing teeth and to restore aesthetics and functionality.