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Oral Sedation

oral sedationOral sedation is a type of conscious sedation whereby patients are given oral drugs to induce desired anesthetic effects prior to a procedure. One of the main goals of this form of sedation is the significant reduction in the anxiety levels of patients when they come to the clinic. Depending upon the nature and duration of the procedure, oral sedative drugs can be given in conjunction with other forms of anesthesia such as intravenous and inhalation sedation to achieve the desired effects.

It has been noted that majority of the younger patients who come to the dental clinic for the first time are typically scared of surgical procedures, instruments and pain associated with dental treatments. Oral sedative drugs are the ideal solution for such cases. Not only do they cause reduction in stress levels, but also produce mild amnesic effects that aid in reducing the memory of the overall clinic experience. However, none of these effects are permanent or harmful to the patients in any way, and are being used globally.

Patients may like to know that oral sedative drugs are:

  • Easy to administer
  • Produce mild effects of amnesia
  • Reduce stress, anxiety and fear levels
  • Ideal for patients that experience belonephobia; which is the fear of sharp instruments
  • Allows for invasive, lengthy procedures to be completed within a short duration of time
  • Economical, compared to other forms of sedation
  • Entirely painless
  • Efficient in inducing the desired effects

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