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Care Credit

At Lake Pointe Dental we know your budget is one of your main concerns. We also know sometimes people put off the dental care they need because of the cost. This is why we are excited to offer our patients two alternative forms of payment. Care Credit and Citi Health Card are two options available to help with your dental and health expenses. Both cards offer flexible payment plans and can help you get the dental care you need when you need it without stretching your budget.

Care Credit

Care Credit Care Credit is a credit card which you can use for your dental, medical, and even veterinary expenses. It is a line of credit which is accepted by over 17,500 providers nationwide. You decide when and where you want to use it. There is a $200 minimum purchase and if you pay off the balance within 6, 12, 18, or 24 months you will not be charged interest. You may also qualify for a low interest rate on purchases over $1,000.

Care Credit

Citi Health Card

Citi Health CardCiti Health Card is offered by Citi Bank and is a credit card you may use for your dental, health and in some cases veterinary expenses. Citi Health Card is accepted at many providers across the nation and can be used by anyone in your family who is over 18 and added as an Authorized User. Flexible payment plans and low interest rates are available for qualified purchases. You decide where and when you use it and then take advantage of the special offers for payment offered by Citi Health Card.

Why get Care Credit or Citi Health Card if you already have insurance?

Your dental insurance may not cover all of the expenses you incur when you seek treatment. Sometimes your deductible or out of pocket expenses can put a strain on your budget, or you may not have the money at the time you need care. With Care Credit and a Citi Health Card you and your family can get the dental care you need when you need it and not put off treatment.

Getting treatment quickly is important for your oral and overall general health. Regular dental checkups help you have the best smile and oral health possible. Care Credit and Citi Health Card are also a valuable option to help pay for orthodontic work such as braces for your child or for yourself. Insurance is a good start and Care Credit and Citi Health Card can help cover what your insurance does not.

Call or contact Lake Pointe Dental today and ask about Care Credit and Citi Health Card. We put your oral health first and with these payment options you can get the care you need without straining your budget.