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Custom Whitening Trays

Custom Whitening Trays offer an excellent solution to instant and convenient teeth whitening at home. At times it isn't possible to visit the dental clinic because of unavoidable reasons, and patients have to be at an important meeting, event or occasion; for this purpose, Lake Pointe Dental offers a range of custom whitening trays that can be used at home easily.

custom whitening traysCustom Trays match the size and contour of the patient’s oral cavity, and therefore do not cause any harm or irritation to the gums and soft tissues. These are relatively simple to use and are not technique sensitive. When patients visit the dental clinic to pick a custom whitening tray for themselves, the team provides them with comprehensive guidelines regarding the use and maintenance of the trays.

These instructions include the correct way to load the trays, the ideal extent of loading, the correct method of placing the tray onto the teeth, the duration of the procedure and methods to clean the trays after use.

Lake Pointe Dental trusts and recommends Opalescence® Take-Home Solutions.

Some facts regarding Opalescence® take-home custom whitening trays and treatments include:

  • Patients only have to wear the custom trays with the gel for 30 minutes for ideal results
  • The whitening gel comprises of fluoride and potassium nitrate which play an active role in combating caries and sensitivity reduction respectively. Therefore, the system not only allows patients to achieve perfect whitening, but also perfect overall oral health.
  • The gel is available in a variety of concentrations based on the needs of the patient
  • Opalescence® offers its whitening gels in several pleasant flavors
  • The custom whitening trays and gel are safe enough to be used overnight as well