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Zirconian Crowns

zirconian crownsZirconia is currently the material of choice for the fabrication of flawless dental crowns and bridges that are made to replicate the look, feel, shade and morphology of natural teeth. Gone are the days of porcelain, and porcelain-fused-to-metal fixed prostheses – Zirconia crowns, which are 100% metal free, have replaced all other materials to cater to the needs of aesthetic-conscious patients globally.

Zirconia crowns are fabricated using the latest CAD/CAM equipments, which means it takes less than half the time to create crowns that are twice as accurate and aesthetically appealing as any other dental material currently available. However, because they are fabricated with such precision to give an immaculate fit, they are relatively more expensive as compared to conventional porcelain based crowns. Their compatibility with dental cements (temporary as well as permanent) has also proven to be better, and much stronger in contrast to other materials.

To summarize their advantages over conventional crowns, Zirconia crowns are:

  • More accurate, and offer an outstandingly precise fit on the prepared tooth
  • Impeccable in terms of aesthetics – they look exactly like natural teeth owing to their metal free nature and technique of fabrication
  • Ideal for placement in the aesthetic/anterior/smile zone
  • Strong, resilient and can withstand the forces of mastication without fracturing
  • 100% biocompatible, non-toxic and non-irritant to the intra-oral tissues
  • Create an excellent bond with dental cements for ideal adhesion to the tooth

Zirconia crowns can be used to cover or restore fractured teeth, chipped margins, permanently discolored teeth, root canal treated teeth, grossly carious teeth and teeth having shape or size discrepancies. They can also be used as implant crowns in the anterior or posterior region of the mouth.

CAD/CAM custom fabricated Zirconia crowns are being offered at Lake Pointe Dental to help patients smile with renewed confidence. Our team is available to address any queries you may have related to Zirconia crowns, whether or not you are eligible for the treatment, how these crowns differ from conventional fixed prostheses and how you can maintain them in your oral cavity. Simply call us to book an appointment today!