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Teeth Whitening in One Hour!

Opalescence Boost® is a trusted name in remarkable teeth whitening. Within an hour, patients can get picture perfect, celebrity smiles with complete elimination of discoloration and stains. If you wish to have your teeth whitened by professionals during the day for an event later in the evening, Opalescence Boost is ideal for you.

The prominent features of teeth whitening by Opalescence Boost include:

  • Specialized chemically activated whitening system
  • Total duration: 40-60 minutes
  • Contains Fluoride and Potassium Nitrate that offer excellent caries protection and strengthening of the enamel
  • Ultra convenient and comfortable owing to its chemical activate nature; no harsh light is required to achieve ideal results
  • Offers dramatic results and transformation once the procedure is complete
  • Performed by skilled professionals at the clinic
  • Helps in improving overall oral health